nomumimnotdead Day 12.

New Orleans!!!

Had a pretty good start to the day, after a bit of a hard time waking up we walked down to a cafe. They had some fairly decent coffee (though for some reason, even the good coffee here I am finding has a molasses type taste to it, I don’t know if it’s the milk or the coffee or what) and some tasty breakfast too. Always nice to start the day in such a fashion.

Much of the day was spent in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It’s very easy to forget that there’s any ‘big city’ element to New Orleans when you spend so long in the French Quarter. There are lovely houses there and lots of Kool places to visit and see, and also some places to put on your ‘I really didn’t need to see that’ list. New Orleans and in particular the French Quarter has some pretty shady history which, to some degree or another, still exists. Unlike the feminists who think they are such because they want to grow their underarm hair long, I think I’m a feminist because I think that females are created in the ‘imago Dei’ (image of God) and were not intended to be enjoyed by lustful males for the sake of monetary gain. It breaks my heart that ladies of any race would be subjected to such depravity.

However, there was much to the French Quarter that I really liked. As I said the houses were really Kool, there were lots of Kool stores to go into (including a cigar store where I bought a 3 pack. They roll them there by hand and roll 50,000 a month!) The French markets are worth going to – we got alligator jerky!!! Which, cliche enough, did actually taste like chicken! Also today we had the most on time lunch to date, which is always a plus for my rumbly tummy! I had what the menu said was a Louisiana favourite – Red Beans and rice… it was great. Come to Louisiana and order it 😛 though it can be a little spicy.

After this we went to the WWII Museum. This wasn’t an experience that you might say was ‘fun’ in the sense that I had a fantastic time and endorphins were going wild. But it was a good time and one that you might call ‘useful’. As my Mum has commented on one of my previous blogs “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. The fact that an openly democratic socialist was so successful in running for the highest office of this country is greatly concerning I think. I think we need to look into history and learn from it. (For those of you who don’t know Hitler was a member of the ‘National Socialist German Workers Party).

Whilst the three of us went to the museum the eldest sister-in-law went to get her hair done. Then after reconvening at our apartment we eventually decided on where we were going to go for the night, got dressed and went back into town. We caught an Uber (this time far more successfully, although she did take a rather prolonged route) and arrived at ‘Frenchmen Street’ where there are a bunch of good Jazz music venues. After having a bit of a walk we found some dinner and then went back into the heart of Frenchmen and spent the next little while watching some jazz and having a drink (I had a far tastier beer to start off with but also decided it was time to experience some more of American culture and have a ‘Bud Light’… this might be one area of the culture you don’t need to subject yourself to)!

The two sisters-in-law left us after a set or so of the band and my wife and I stayed on for a while longer. The highlight of my day though was a conversation we had with a local man. Previously he had asked my wife: “do you swing dance??’ (call me bizarre but I’m not real fond of lads asking my wife to dance). But he ended up sitting down next to us and we got to have a great conversation with him about God, the Bible, his beliefs, our beliefs, meditation, prayer etc. It was a really good time which I enjoyed immensely and it was great to challenge him on some particular points he brought up. One of the things I do with my life is the work of an Apologist (one who dedicates themselves to giving a defence of the Christian faith) so it was hugely rewarding to have this conversation with him. We left him after shaking hands multiple times with smiles on all our faces and hopefully (almost certainly) having left him with some things to consider.

Really liking New Orleans.

God bless y’all.


Especially in light of our conversation with the local man check out:


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