nomumimnotdead Day 11.

Well not too much happened today, but I still had a really good day!

As I mentioned yesterday, today started at 0230 (actually I think that’s a little earlier than I said yesterday, but anyhow…). It’s now 2130 and we’re still going strong!

Most of today was spent travelling so I don’t know that there’s too much I can say of that. Except that I’ve come to terms with flying… I don’t hate it and I don’t find it scary, in fact I think it’s a lot of fun, quite enjoyable, if a little uncomfortable at times. Our first flight left San Jose some time in the hour of 7 after about an hours drive there. Thankfully it was actually quite easy to drop off our hire car, even before their official opening hours there was a general attendant there sorting things out, and even if he wasn’t there, there were still after hours key drop off boxes. So we arrived at the airport a little early (much better to be early than late) and once the check-in counter opened we checked in and then went and got some breakfast… My eldest sister-in-law became the first victim of starbucks, which she seemed to actually not dislike too much so thumbs up there.

So first flight was from San Jose to Denver, then a 3 hour stop over at Denver and then we caught quite a small plane from Denver to New Orleans. My dear wife got a window seat both times so she was quite pleased about that!

I must make mention that in a somewhat desperate and possibly slightly delirious state EVEN MY WIFE purchased a product from Starbucks at Denver (though not a coffee I hasten to add). As soon as she made murmurings of POSSIBLY getting some Starbucks, I jumped straight on that opportunity. The thought of seeing my wife, who has a superb palate, eat/drink food/drink that us with lesser developed palates wouldn’t blink at always gets me excited!

Once arriving in New Orleans after our flight from Denver we ordered an Uber and then waited for that… and then waited some more… and then a little more… and then decided that the readily available Taxis looked far more inviting despite slightly higher cost. After arriving in our apartment (quite Kool indeed), cracking a bottle of complementary Malbec that our host had left us, we then walked down the street to get some chow. The place that took our eye was called ‘The Tasting Room’, boasting a plentiful selection of wines, just a couple of beers (try the stout) and some meals.

So after a drink or two (literally a drink or two) each and bellies feeling happy we went back to our apartment and are now relaxing whilst our apartment cools down. Thankfully the air conditioning is fairly effective. New Orleans is certainly much hotter than San Francisco, which unbeknown to me has its own micro-climate. This week it has a top temperature of 68F (20C) and remember my Aussie friends, it’s summer here! New Orleans top temperature was in fact today with a top of 93F (34C) and preeeeeety humid!


Everyone’s alive… not just me!




3 thoughts on “nomumimnotdead Day 11.

    1. There’s music everywhere! Lots of bars and things with jazz playing somewhere practically all the time. Even if there isn’t an ‘official’ act at a pub/club there’s folks playing on the streets.


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