nomumimnotdead Day 10.

Just a short one tonight as we have a VERY early start tomorrow! I’m planning to rise around 0245… So around 1945 for those of you in SE NSW.

Today we had some more fun times around San Francisco. Started our morning out with another coffee from Equator Coffee, then went in to a bakery recommended by our hosts daughter called ‘Tartine’, it was certainly worth it. My Sister-in-law thought this was the best croissant she’d ever had!

Then we went on to ‘Coit Tower’ which has some Kool history, a great view of San Francisco and some nice murals (that’s where the picture of the bloke grabbing the Karl Marx book comes from, though not all the murals are quite so politically weighted!). Then onto pier 39, I enjoyed this, it’s basically… Well a pier, with a bunch of shops and cafes and bars and such. We had only paid for half an hour of parking though so it was a fairly brief visit… There’s also some sea lions there which for some reason think that the pier is their home!

Then we found a better park and went to the ferry building. This is a fairly ‘foodie’ oriented market and is a great place to visit. Everything from specialist grocers, to salumi stores (cooked meat) to a place who’s tag line was “Salted, cooked, pig bits”!

Upon our hosts recommendation we then travelled onto the Mill Valley Shops. Here there are lots of boutique type stores and also a random Buddhist/Hindu store. There were also a couple of really nice looking wine bars and if they were open we would have been tempted by. It was a nice place if you’re feeling like some higher end type shopping, but bring your wallet!

After this we returned to our hosts house and took her out to dinner at one of her favourite places: “Cavalo Point”. This is kinda of like her ‘local’. It’s an ex-military base but is now used as a bar, restaurant and higher end hotel type deal. My favourite part of this place was

the view of the bridge. You sat nearly in line with it and could see the two peaks rising up over the trees.

Anyway, off to bed now, early start tomorrow.

God bless.


One thought on “nomumimnotdead Day 10.

  1. Some of us would suggest that sleeping in order to wake at 2:45 sounds very curious as we would (in native state) quite often meet that hour before retiring…. but each worm to it’s own hole….


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