nomumimnotdead Day 9.

This morning was perhaps the first half decent sleep in that we’ve had since we’ve been here. We all finally got up around 0900… Very nice. We’re sure to make up for this sleep in in 2 days time as we have to get up around 0300 to get to the airport on time!!!

First up we went down the street to a place called ‘Equator Coffee’ and thank the Good Lord for these guys! This was actually a decent coffe and made for some happy faces all round! Even the latte art was impressive 😀

Then we cruised into San Francisco and after finally finding a park, we hired some bikes from ‘Basically Free Bikes’ (which turned out to be much more legitimate than our fiasco with the ‘upgraded’ hire car. The bike hire was around $50 for my wife and I and upon presentation of our receipt in one of their other stores, conveniently located along one of the VERY popular rides, we received a discount fairly comparable to the amount we paid for the bikes. I needed a nice warm jacket for Canada so this worked out superbly!

One thing we have discovered about America which can come as a shock to Australians is that the tax (comparable in amount to G.S.T.) is often added at the point of purchase and is thus often not included on the ticketed price. Thus when you look on a menu or the price of something in a store your should add around another 10% or so.

So once getting our bikes, which were actually fairly decent, we went for a ride over the San Francisco bridge, which despite having a barrier between the road, you and another barrier to stop you from falling in the ocean, is a choice which feels as if you’re taking your life into your hands. There’s pedestrians, other bikes, other bikes, pedestrians, people, people riding bikes and traffic passing which can feel as if you’re being whacked across the whole body with a giant tennis racket as they pass you by… Well long story short, there’s ALOT of people and those people sometimes follow the road/path rules and other times have somewhat interesting interpretations of the road/path rules. But, it was a must do and we’re glad we did it.

On our way back we stopped in ‘Ghiradelli Square’, which was torturous to say the least. By this time the day had slipped away from us somewhat and it was around 1400 and I was HUNGRY, so going to the home of the hot fudge sundae when we were just stopping by quickly was awful!

We returned our bikes just within the time limit we had hired them for and then went and got some late lunch at ‘Fishermans Wharf’. Then was ‘Boudin Bakery’, which is a really Kool bakery/tourist attraction.

Not that it takes very long, but it is nifty, whilst in San Francisco y’all should also go and see Lombard street, it’s this zig-zaggy street with some lovely gardens on the side. We looked VERY hip and happening zagging down in our Mumma-van!

My wife was very keen to cook some dinner for our hosts and so to get our groceries we went to what must be the world’s most fantastic grocer called: “Whole Foods” in Mill Valley… Everyone should go there.

Now I sit here typing this whilst my dear lovely lady and her two sisters are preparing a wonderful dinner of prawn dumplings. Bon appetite!

Oh, oh, oh and check out ‘Birdie Sanders’!


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