nomumimnotdead Days 7 & 8.

My apologies for no post yesterday… I know you were all on the edge of your seats waiting! But rest assured #nomumimnotdead ! Whilst Mariposa was a place I could imagine myself living in, the wifi was not fantastic at the hotel we stayed at.

So as you can see today is a double!

Day 7:

Today really was one of those days where you gotta say “Well someone has to do it!” That being said, we did work rather hard to get our reward! Hiking (and I mean HIKING) around 12klms up and down one of the main peaks in Yosemite National Park. For those of you who are Mac users, ‘El Capitan’ of Yosemite is one of the stock backgrounds. It looks fantastic on the background of my Mac but is truly breathtaking in real life. The whole park is filled with places that just take your breath away. Much of it looks fake but is most assuredly real!

With the rest of the day we had some dinner, somehow I managed to fit a 12′ pizza into my stomach! Then Tracey and myself split off from the sisters-in-law, looked at a few of the stores in the town (unfortunately the gun store wasn’t open 😞 ), had a drink and then went and watched a local band play a couple of songs in the park.

I’ve included a photo of a monument in the town from 9/11. The metal parts are taken from beams from the building and are set at angles: 9, 11, 20, 01 in recognition of the infamous date of these attacks. It was a striking monument. Some 343 firefighters lost their lives going into the towers to try and save others – a fact that I hadn’t known before reading the monument.

I was a bit sad with the thought of leaving Mariposa, it was a really nice lil place. I especially hope I get to go to some more conservative places and meet some more folks of a similar persuasion.

Day 8:

We rose fairly early this morning, around 0600. We then got ourselves ready and went to the breakfast bar at our hotel. Exciting to me was the fact that there were waffles on the buffet. Whilst cooking waffles on a waffle maker is quite a novelty, they certainly didn’t compare to the ones I had had cooked properly at a restaurant! Then we returned to our room, got packed up and cruised on up to San Francisco (sorry about the dodgy picture of the bridge, it’s all I’ve got so far). The eldest of the sisters-in-law did the majority of the driving today and did a great job!

Once arriving in San Francisco we went to the ‘downtown’ area. My Father had told me to practice ‘situational awareness’ before we came… Let me assure you that eyes, ears, nose and whatever other sensory utilities were all very much open and aware! Eventually we turned into a street that was just too scary and decided it was best we went to our hosts house – one of my wife’s friends’ families who live in San Francisco in an area called Mill Valley who have very generously put us up for a couple of nights.

So we arrived, had some tea, got a list of ‘things-to-do’ from our hosts and then went on back into… at least slightly more safe areas of San Francisco. First on the agenda was ‘Haight Asbury’ an area quite similar to New Town in Sydney. I would have to say that there are places more suited to me and my ilk than Haight Asbury. Well worth the look though if you’re into the whole hippy kinda deal.

Then we went to Union Square where there is all things shop like. I don’t think I need to say much except: Macy’s is big… That’s all πŸ˜‰

Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing what blessings the Lord holds. So far my favourite place is Mariposa!

God bless y’all and America!


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