nomumimnotdead Day 6


Well today started fairly early. I rose at around 0445 (actually a sleep in compared to my normal routine!) and once we packed up we headed on toward Yosemite National Park. Specifically we’re staying in a town called Mariposa. The drive was a fair bit longer than Google Maps had anticipated, taking us around 9hrs instead of 6-7hrs… But you get that on the big jobs.

We (or shall I say the girls, given that I often prefer the wonderfully orchestrated “Sound of Silence” when travelling) are really struggling to find good radio stations to listen to. So whilst the girls were furiously searching through radio stations and becoming perhaps a little frustrated, I ‘donned the noise cancelling head phones and enjoyed one of the podcasts that I’ve been missing out on (for those of you who may be interested check out the podcast from ‘Alpha and Omega Ministries’ that James White, the standard host, and Jeff Durbin did recently).

After arriving at the town (again, Mariposa) we walked up the street to the information office to get some info on the walks around Yosemite that we plan to do tomorrow. Then on the way back down we stopped in various stores eventually finding another bar with some tasty craft beers (have I already mentioned the craft beer scene here is HUGE?? Well it is!)

Mariposa is a fantastic lil place, it’s a little bit like Jindabyne except smaller (for those who frequent Perisher snow field of SE NSW) and it has a touch more of a yankee hick/country type feel. It’s the kind of place with the kind of people that I really wanted to meet and the culture that I wanted to absorb and learn more about – that whole kind of southern Evangelical conservative kinda deal (I’ll attach some photos to show y’all what I mean).

Thanks to my Mum who told us about some bands that are playing whilst we’re here, as I write this I can hear one of them playing in the park, a mere 200mtrs from our hotel and after our hiking tomorrow we’re planning on seeing tomorrow nights band.

Anyhow, after the shops and beer we went and had some dinner at a tavern. This is probably the first meal I’m quite willing to say I didn’t enjoy… I had a standard cheese burger and whilst it had the potential for greatness it was VERY over salted and this did rather put a dampener on the whole deal. Whilst it was fairly ordinary, the waitress came running out after us once we’d left as we had under paid… It was bad but not THAT bad! After dinner we walked on home stopping at a few more stores, eventually making it back to the hotel and then went for a swim in the swimming pool as the sunset B-)

Did I mention I swore allegiance to the flag and became a citizen?? I’ll attach another photo for your viewing pleasure!


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