nomumimnotdead Day 5.

Another day down, I love America more everyday! I’ve spent the last 3 or so years dreaming of this place and how much I’d like to visit it and experience it’s delights and now here I am! Whilst I certainly had some good times in L.A. I’d have to say that I’m liking San Diego more so far.

Today started with a successfully automatically made coffee from the coffee machine – sure it wasn’t the greatest of coffees, but it was very Kool to wake up to a made brew. So it was a coffee (eventually two) and a Bible read to start the day.

I then drove us all to a coffee store that our host had on her favourites list which was  probably our best coffee so far, big thumbs up there! Instead of having my normal latte (closest thing to an Australian flat white – although a couple of the places here have actually known what a flat white is…) I had a ‘nitro cold brew’ with some cream (basically full cream milk). This is basically a cold drip coffee, brewed for 12-24hrs and then poured/infused/something-or-other with nitro. Why the nitro?? Good question, but it was pretty tasty if you’re into cold drip coffee. The cafe was called ‘Cafe Virtuoso’ in case it’s ever relevant to anyone 🙂

We then went to find some breakfast in an area that one of the baristas recommended and ended up in an area called Coronado. This was a really nice, neat little place. A little bit ritsy-er, but not overly so. We had some breakfast there which myself and my lovely quite enjoyed and then walked for a little while perousing the local shops and such. This was really nice.

Next stop was the Natural History Museum of San Diego, my eldest sister-in-law was so in to this that she decided she might go and sleep under a tree instead. So my wife, her twin and myself went in and had a poke around. There were some interesting things in there. I especially appreciated looking at all the various fossils and things that they had there. My wife was questioning me as to what the point of going to a place like that was when there are so many things that I disagree with, for instance fossil plaques that declare they are from umpteen million years ago and are my great, great (x 1,300,000,000) grandfather when he looked rather more like a tyrannosaurus rex than a human. I think firstly if you’re going to engage in appropriate and educated discussion with the opposing side it is good and curtious to actually know their point-of-view and secondly, whether I agree with what folks say about things or not, I can most certainly look at natural things and marvel at God’s beauty, creativity and power in creating them. Even whilst disagreeing with many (but NOT all) scientists interpretation of how it all occurred.

After lunch came my favourite part of the day. We went to the beach (yes that’s right my south east Australian friends!). Which was odd because you had to walk around 150mtrs out to sea to even get knee deep and you walked over flat rock which was around ankle deep to get there. But this was a lovely cool off and very pretty. Then came a round of 5 (taster sized) beers at a brewery called ‘Mike Hess Brewery’, some dinner which FINALLY everyone enjoyed and watching the sunset over the pier at ‘Ocean Beach’.

For those travelling to San Diego all the places we went today would be on my recommend list, perhaps with the exception of the museum if you’re not into that kind of thing!





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