nomumimnotdead Day 4.

Good morning, afternoon, night y’all!

Today we had a full day in San Diego. San Diego is a pretty Kool place and now that we’ve been in our accommodation for a night I’m starting to feel nice and settled in. We started up the day at a coffee store which came highly recommended by other Australians. The others all had positive experiences, but for some reason I thought the coffee tasted like salt… so I wasn’t mad about it. Thankfully I had already had an acceptable brewed coffee at home before we left, so all was not lost. My sister-in-law came to the rescue and figured out how to work the automatic coffee machine (drip filtered) so hopefully at 0630 tomorrow morning my coffee should be happily brewing away, ready for me when I get up!

The majority of our day was taken up at the San Diego zoo. We started our time here with a guided bus tour with a very cheery tour guide named Wendy. Then we proceeded to walk around the zoo for the next 3-4 hours. It’s a great zoo and there are a heap of animals from all around the world. We had a particularly good showing of the polar bears as we were on our bus tour.

After the zoo, with all 4 of us feeling rather peckish we went to ’30th street’ (I think in the suburb of South Park), where there are some appropriate restaurants and such for foodies. For any future travellers to the region, 30th street is a two part street which is not completely straight so don’t be disappointed if the first part you see isn’t that great… there’s more to it. Whilst there we had some lunch, then went to Fall Brewing Co. for a beer and then (arguably the highlight of the day) went and got some donuts from Nomad donuts. This in itself is a plus, they make some pretty tasty donuts. BUT!!! What’s more – we went there fairly close to the end of the day and expected to probably buy a donut each… the lady kindly gave us 12 as they were “just going to throw them in the trash anyway”! Day=made!

I also found Beyonce’s car… unfortunately no sighting of the lady herself.

Later on my two sisters-in-law, perhaps feeling guilty after a donut, went to the gym. My response was to toast their gymming by… eating another donut! (#howigotfat)

It’s been great to soak up some more of the American culture, one thing we’ve all more-or-less noted is that many Americans are so nice! People smile at you and say hello and stuff and don’t seem inconvenienced when you ask them questions… GOD BLESS AMERICA!

I hope and pray all my family and friends are doing well at home.


God bless.


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