nomumimnotdead day 2

Day 2 of approx 270… WOW!

So yesterday we found a pretty Kool cafe within walking distance from our airbnb room and today we went and got our morning coffees from it. I fairly promptly found out that when one orders a coffee in America the default is to give that individual a large. So I drank/swam in my lake of coffee, but eventually found the bottom of it. The plus?? (well in fact there are many including caffeine needs being satisfied among others) but the main plus – the coffee was actually pretty decent. No nothing on a small flat white from Foodlovers, but pretty decent.

Unfortunately there was another downer to today – I share this, partly, for the benefit of future visitors to the U.S. We got a parking ticket. My advice – when parallel parking on the streets in America MAKE SURE you are on the inside of the lines!!! Even though we paid for our ticket, the lines were very un-clear, we’re not from the place and there was no criminal intent on our part (or reason for criminal intent), we got the ticket. We will dispute this tomorrow and see how we go!

But, there were many good and fun things today as well – I got rid of most of my change (ironically paying for the parking) which I seemed to have amassed very quickly, we again had safe travels on the wrong side of the road (introducing Renee as the latest of our wrong side of the road drivers!), we visited Hollywood Blvd. (which I managed to forget my shoes whilst walking down… eww)


and I got a picture at the star of America’s next president ;-P (Donald Trump) and we went for a very enjoyable ride along the bike path next to Santa Monica/Muscle/Venice beach.

A special word of thanks to my cousin Drew who warned us that if guys offering free cd’s come up to you on Hollywood Blvd., don’t accept. Unfortunately we hadn’t passed this advice onto my sisters-in-law and they both accepted the cds and upon their refusal to pay, the cds were quickly snapped back, to no harm I hasten to add.

Oh, oh, OH!!! I found Hotel California!

Tomorrow we’re off to San Diego a nice drive down the road.


Definitely still alive!


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