nomumimnotdead day 1.

Today is the day that I finally can say I have been to another country apart from the great land of Oz!!!

It was, then, the first time I have been on a long hall flight – 14hrs to be exact. Thankfully all 4 of us were well and apart from a little bit of trouble sleeping and a bit of uncomfortableness in the chairs the journey was really quite pleasant and not that long.

Having loved America for a little while now I was giddy with excitement as soon as I touched the ground and started hearing American accents everywhere. Given that I knew I had to drive a car in a busy city, on the wrong side of the road one of my first objectives was to get some coffee!!! and… sorry to my American readers, it was pretty bad – plenty more of that to come in the next 9 months.

Speaking of cars, this probably makes up our most notable and unfortunate part of our first day in ‘the land of the free’. When the lady at the counter saw how many of us there were and how many bags we had, she insisted (seemingly VERY generously) that she would upgrade us for only a minor extra cost. 3 of us were at the counter, 3 of us heard her say this and we all interpreted what she said the same way. Unfortunately a brief hour later my dear eldest sister-in-law checked her bank statement only to find the ‘minor’ extra charge was, in fact, almost the same again to what we had already paid when we pre-booked!

So bye-bye to our very nice Dodge SUV and HELLOOOOOOO ‘MINTY’ THE MUMMA WAGON!


So despite these troubles and the enjoyable challenge of driving on the wrong side of the road #nomumimnotdead I am and we all are, still alive!


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